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14 Point Checklist to Optimize Your Google My Business

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Checklist to Optimize Your Google My Business
Checklist to Optimize Your Google My Business

Optimizing your online presence for local searches can boost your traffic and sales more. The reason is obvious.

More than one-third of all searches and more than half of mobile searches have a local intent. Almost 8 in 10 people who search for a local business on mobile visit that business are more likely to buy.

So, if local SEO hasn’t been on your mind for a while, now is a good time to start.

Our expert team has made an easy to do 14 point check list for you to get started. Take a look.

The 14 Point Checklist for Optimizing Google My Business

1. The Eligibility

Not all brick and mortar businesses qualify for Google My Business. Rental properties are not eligible. Brands, organizations, artists and online businesses should create a Google+ Brand Page and are not considered local businesses. Ask this question - Is my business qualified enough to get a Google My Business page?

2. Claim your Listing

If you have a local address and already had a Google+ Business Page or a Google Local page, then make a claim for it. If you see your business in the search then, click on it and see if you are the business owner or not.

3. Duplicate Listings

Make sure no duplicate listings exist. It is possible that your employees or agency had created multiple Google pages for your business. Delete them and note down your official Google My Business URL, as you may need it for further work.

4. Provide the Correct info

Your business name should simply be the name you have on your storefront or website. Do not use marketing taglines, location keywords, special characters, website address, and other unnecessary information with the name of your business.

5. Correct Business Address

Your business address must be identical across your Google My Business listing, website, other directory listings, social media pages, and elsewhere. Use your official street address without any further directions or details. If you’ve entered the address correctly but Google can’t find it on the map, then pinpoint your location using the ‘Set marker location’ button on the Google Map.

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