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7 Free Places to List Your Local Business for Free

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Free Places to List Your Local Business for Free
Free Places to List Your Local Business for Free

Here we have integrated a list of top free local listing websites where one can list their businesses for free and still drive a huge amount of traffic. In putting together this list, we scanned a variety of factors, like traffic, domain authority, weight age of local search and depth of listing content in compiling the list. These websites offer free listing options so why not take the advantage of it.

Let's see what these sites are and what they have to offer.

1. Google Maps

By adding your business to Google maps, you show up on Google local results. This is one of the most important things a local business can do to get found on the web. There are few reasons why one should consider listing their business on Google maps:

Google Maps is a widely popular application used by millions of people across the world.Google map results show up on Google.com for most local searches. Google Maps is one of the most popular applications on smart phones.Google map is probably a substantial traffic driver.

It is highly recommended that you invest time in optimizing your page so that you rank well for your categories.

2. Facebook Business Page

Everyone knows how huge facebook is, over 1.5 million businesses have created fan pages on the network, and 20 million people become fans of pages every day. Facebook has quickly become the most likely place for consumers to connect with local businesses online. It receives almost 3.5 billion visits which constitutes of local business search traffic.

Facebook users can also check in to locations, and Facebook has their own version of place pages as part of this functionality. You need to claim or create a place page in addition to creating a business page.

3. YellowPages.com

Yellowpages.com has been rebranded as YP.com. Unlike old times when yellow pages was the most adapted local search tool it has all new and fresh looks with more social content and features. They also distribute listings to a number of syndication partners. It has currently 29 million visits per month.

4. Yahoo Local

Like many things Yahoo! Local is steady, but not big like Google or even Bing. But they still provide a very popular service, so make sure you are listed there too. Local.Yahoo.com has currently 17+ million visits per month. Start listing your local business right now with it.

5. Bing Local

Competing with search you cannot beat Google and Microsoft very well knows this when they launched Bing.com. But the tides have turned now. There are news about highest product search engine to be Amazon and similarly other search engine have a fair share of local search as well as listings too. Bing have steadily been gaining search share. Bing local and maps operate under the www.Bing.com domain, which has more than 654M visits per month. We estimate 65M of that to be local search.


LinkedIn isn’t exactly a place where people go to look for local businesses, but it does offer rich business listings. Even LinkedIn as a domain carries quite a bit of authority. LinkedIn has also been adding useful features for businesses, like promotions, article sharing, blogs, and jobs opening. It is kind of Facebook for the corporate. LinkedIn is very important for business-to-business exposure, since people will often browse from a personal profile to a business.

7. Google My Business Page

GMB is the big daddy of all local listings, local search which has scaled to new heights with time. One of the most important features to get register your business on Google my business page is to get found in the local search results. It also helps you create multi business locations which can be successfully accessed by any user around the world. The GMB insights are top notch to see how well you are performing online compared to your business competitors.

This is really a great thing to know that you are way more advance compared to your competitor in terms of visitors, search, clicks, phone calls, images, videos and what not. If you haven't listed your business on GMB then do it right now.

Its free

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