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Benefits of Google My Business for Local Listing

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Benefits of Google My Business for Local Listing
Benefits of Google My Business for Local Listing

We live in an age now where information is easily accessible. Whether you’re looking for a nearest supermarket, the price list for a hair salon or the phone number of a local restaurant to book a table for lunch or dinner, it is possible and all thanks to Google. This information can usually be found within a matter of seconds. Users know that they can find what they are looking for in an easy way using Google search. This is why for small and local businesses it’s important to take advantage of Google’s local listing tool – Google My Business.

Earlier we had written all about Google My Business. What it is and how it works.

Here we will be looking at the advantages of implementing Google My Business for small and local businesses. Let's see then what they are.

Local SEO

Ultimately, Google My Business could be understood as an extremely useful and effective local SEO tool. The categories provided allow business owners to input large amounts of business information directly into it. As a result, businesses will have a better chance of being recognized and ranked well in Google search. As a free tool, this will really help promote your business or services in local search.

Google Maps

By filling in the geographical location information your business will also appear on Google maps. This means your shop, office or warehouse will be visible on maps which could be beneficial in attracting new customers. Giving a thorough understanding of the whereabouts of your business to the users. For example, if a customer searches for your business type in maps, your business will show up on the map.

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