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Benefits of Images in Google my business local listing

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Benefits of Images in Google my business local listing
Benefits of Images in Google my business local listing

Now that you are reading this it means you already have a Google my business listing page as a local directory. It is really important to get along in the search of users when you are running a local business. There are in fact a number of ways where you can really do this easily. One of them we will be discussing over here.

In this article we will learn about why inserting images in your Google my business listing is crucial. What purpose does it serve doing this?

Log in to your Google My Business page and navigate on the dashboard. On the left panel of your Google My Business dashboard you have Photos.

Yeah, that's where the images are inserted. But before going into the adding photos thing its important to learn the common mistakes of business owners.

What mistakes business owners do?

Its a common practice to abandon the Google My Business local listing without filling much of information. In other words many a times the business information is either very poorly inserted or half done.

Without proper information a user won't reach out to the business owner and finally the owner starts doubting his/her own ability. Now that's true upto some extent because its you who leaves unfurnished local business information on the table.

If you want good results out of this free tool then you need to follow and complete all the steps of local listing in Google My Business.

One of the vital features in Google My Business is adding photos.

Let's see what kind of images business owners can add in their Google My Business local listing.

· cover photo

· profile photo

· interior images

· exterior images

· at work images

· team photos

· business identity images

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