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Digital Door Locks an Innovative way to secure your Home

Digital door locks an innovative way to secure your home
Digital door locks an innovative way to secure your home

The Smart Door Locks Market is mainly driven by the rise in the criminal activities in India. In India smart door locks market is divided into biometric data inputs such as palm recognition keypad, face recognition, iris recognition, voice recognition and finger print and door recognition lock market. Among all of these segments, finger print door lock market is expected to secure the top position in the market. Also the demand of smart door lock is increasing on account of its higher degree of security.

The market of smart door lock in India is expected to register a 38.9% CAGR over the forecast period. Also, the market of smart door locks market was valued at USD 75.19 million in 2019. The market is predicted to expand on the back of the rising use of smart door locks in the residential sector. While, the non-mobile app based door locks market is expected to register a CAGR of 35.04 % during forecast period.

The high tech innovation is leading to the increased adoption of the smart door locks across the India region. The smart door locks can be operated thru the digital technology with easy user interface.

Customers are now shifting from the mechanical doors to digital locks and increasing demand on the back of development of smart home in Tier-1 cities is contributing to the largest share of revenue in the Indian market.

However, rising hacking incidents and poor quality of the smart door locks and rising hacking incidents are some of the factors that are likely to prevent the growth of the smart door locks market in the near future.

ARP Solutions digital door lock is the most reliable and most authentic device in terms of security of your home and office. In India traditional door locks are replaced by digital door locks in the world.

ARP Solutions is the best rated companies, and are committed to selling the genuine digital door locks specially made for India. As the the top rated door lock manufacturing companies, we have design the appropriate digital locks to meet the needs of Indian users.

Believing in quality of the products, we manufacture only high quality digital locks for our customers.

Our aim is to provide best quality product with affordable price to our clients. Digital door locks that have a high-end features over standard electronic locks, which makes them extra secure, convenient, secure touchscreens, advanced auto settings.

ARP Solutions Digital door locks an innovative way to secure your home

ARP Smart Digital door locks are an innovative way to help keep your home safe and secure. Whether you choose fingerprint or mechanical door locks its changing our lifestyle, leading us to a new digital era of keyless entry and can be related to a larger smart home system to make your life easier.

ARP Solutions are the leading suppliers of Smart Home Security Products – Smart locks and Smart door bells to architects, designers and builders. The products Smart Doorbells and Smart Door Locks were made keeping in mind designers and architects – from choice of high-quality materials to functionality at its core.

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