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How to get into the Local Pack?

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

How to get into the Local Pack?
How to get into the Local Pack?

In the previous article we discussed about what is local SEO pack and the types of local seo packs. In this article we will be learning about getting into the local pack. So, Let’s get started with it.

In Local Packs, Google shows business listings, not websites, so to be featured in a Local Pack, you need to get a Google My Business page.

Also, it is assumed by many SEO pros that to get into the Local Pack you should be ranked within the top 10 results for your local search query, which implies a good share of website optimization.

Here is what you should do to get your business featured in the Local Pack

1. Manage your business listings

· Create your Google My Business page

· Claim your Google My Business listing

· Verify your listing

· Optimize your listing

  • Fill in business info

  • Select correct category

  • Add pictures

· Manage citations

2. Optimize your website

· Perform site audit

· Optimize for local

  • Integrate NAP into the website

  • Obtain locally relevant backlinks

  • Add structured data markup

3. Track your results

· Create a rank tracking campaign

· Track for keywords with local modifiers

· Add local areas and different devices

· Track locally for keywords with no local modifiers

No matter what your business size be online but you will always have to maintain your business listing in the search results so that you get an uninterrupted flow of users.

After this short article on how to get along with the local pack we will be discussing about to create and manage a local listing. See you there.

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