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What are the Essential Components of a Local Business Listing?

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

What are the Essential Components of a Local Business Listing?

Each time you create a local business listing, whether at Google or Facebook you will be filling out a form with a specific set of fields that helps the platform as well as the user understand and know about your business more.

In this article we have listed some important components of a local business listing that one should take care of while listing his/her business on any platform.

1. Business name/title

Always use your real-world business name. Be sure the way you format your name matches the sign on your business. Do not add additional keywords or geographic terms.

2. Address

Always list your real-world business address, without any kind of additions or alterations. Virtual office addresses are not considered real-world addresses.

3. Phone number

Give local area code phone numbers. This is important for businesses like hotels: they’re local. Make sure your website and all of your citations consistently use this number.

4. Website URL

Google makes sure that your listed website URL goes directly to a page owned by your business. Don't redirect to a third party site.

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