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What is Local Citation

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

What is Local Citations ?
What is Local Citations ?

When it comes to customers finding you on Google search result pages including Google maps, a “citation,” sometimes also referred as web reference comes in the big picture of doing SEO locally. It is mention of the name, address and phone numbers of your business which appears on another website. These citations are important for the local ranking of your business on Google.

This is the business listing that appears for some localized search results, typically on Google’s results page. Local profiles also show on mobile and Google's mapped search results. The more citations you make the better for the health of your Local profile. Citations show that other individuals and companies are aware of you, and that your information is correct.

They show to search engine algorithms that real human beings verified the business and him both and that they both exists.

The trick is in the knowing that where to obtain these citations and what volume of citations are necessary.

What is a Local Citation?

A local citation is a mention of your business on a website. A business directory listing is the most common form of citation. If we go with the definition, a local citation mentions your business NAPs which means the name, address and phone numbers of your business. Immaterial that it is linked to your website.

Benefits of Local Citations:

1) They give maximum exposure to your business

2) Your website get better rankings on search

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