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Why is it Important to Optimize Your Google My Business Page?

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Important to Optimize Your Google My Business Page
Important to Optimize Your Google My Business Page

As a business owner you desire to have as much online search coverage as possible. Whilst you may not know where to start with setting up a Google My Business page is a fairly easy task that will give you many benefits.

What is Google My Business?

It’s a free service from Google that will help users find your business across search in Google. Let's say if you search for “hair salon" in your town, you will se there are 3 search results that come which is called as the local pack. It’s your Google My Business page that will put you in the local pacl. It’s important that you set it up properly and optimize it so that you’re included in the search when it is triggered by a user.

The Benefits of Optimizing Google My Business Page

There are many benefits of a well optimized Google My Business page. Firstly having presence in the SERP when someone Googles your service and town/area. Secondly, it allows users to leave reviews. Genuine reviews have to be the number one trust signal with consumers. If you can display that clearly in a Google SERP then someone may be more likely to click your website over your competitors.

Below we have listed some key points in order to optimize your GMB page:

· Enter your business name ensuring that it’s consistent with your website.

· Upload a good quality image of your logo.

· Add your website URL.

· Add opening hours of your shop or property.

· Add descriptions about your business.

· Add a few good quality photos of your business

· Add videos of your products

· You can also add manuals of the products

· If you are a food joint owner add menu of food items

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