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Case Study : Why You Need Digital Locks - Smart Pad Lock In 21st Century - ETala

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Why You Need Digital Locks - Smart Pad Lock In 21st Century - ETala
Why You Need Digital Locks - Smart Pad Lock In 21st Century - ETala

If you’re a business owner/ entrepreneur looking for the ideal way to secure your space from burglars/ thieves, a smart padlock could be the right choice. Compared to traditional door locks, Smart padlock has several benefits, including the Convenient, keyless, mobile-friendly, easy to operate, Access Control and a higher level of security.

Securing your space is crucial! Whether it be an office, store, home or any kind of commercial location, it has to be secure, to be successful. In the old days, perhaps a traditional lock with lock & key was a good option, but that era has gone. To secure your space, you need a new kind of security.

Recently I bought SMART PADLOCK from ARP SOLUTIONS INDIA under Brand Name E-TALA for my office, after a bunch of thieves, attacked my friends Shop overnight & he Faced a loss of 90k just due to keys duplicacy.

That incident shook me a lot and I immediately took protective steps to secure my belongings whether it be office /shops/or home, that’s when I came to know about SMART PADLOCK through ARP SOLUTIONS INDIA.

Smart Pad Lock


SMART PADLOCK is one of the unique digital security products available in India with the latest technology resolving user’s maximum problems related to burglars, key duplicacy, key misplaced etc…

Here are some reasons why you should consider a smart padlock for your Space.



No need to worry of losing keys at home, keys got stolen or keys lost by employees. your MOBILE IS YOUR KEY! CELLPHONE IS KEY. Buy this unique SMART PADLOCK to get rid of losing keys or forgetting a password. Powerful Smart Padlock is suitable for outdoor and indoor, such as house door, gate, warehouse, cabinet, box, garage, office etc…


Since there is no place for a key with these locks, that prevent break-ins as thieves are unable to pick or ‘bump’ the lock. These days Criminals activities, breaking and entering are increasing day by day and the majority of criminals can pick an ordinary key lock.


Another advantage of SMART PADLOCK is that of convenience. This padlock operates with your mobile phone (supportable to both android and ios), you can lock and unlock 1000’s times through your phone only, so no need worry of losing keys. Once registered with a mobile application available for this Smart padlock it gives you a notification for every time lock & unlocks by x numbers of user’s in your mobile phone.


This lithium battery, Waterproof Padlock (can be protected from water and dust) can support up to 2-year standby time and can be opened up to 30,000 times, no need to recharge battery till 2 years.

Lavish design with a high glossy body frame is available in Grey.

This SMART PADLOCK is best for following functions:

a) Authorize friends to use by APP.

b) Record 1000 unlock information.

c) Review the unlock location.

d) Wake-up before unlocking

e) 30,000 times unlock

f) Unlock via phone

E-Tala Digital Lock


One of the best features of SMART PADLOCK is accountability. You can access, control and know exactly who is allowed in what area at what time. On top of that, these locks are powerful, strong, reliable and secure. To explore more about this Smart Padlock, call on (91+8780808168) or go to ARP Solutions India.

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